Dave Smyth yoga 7 minute early morning mini sequence

It twists, it stretches, it massages the internal organs, it opens the hips, and stands you on your head. Everything you need for a nutritious breakfast.

Dave Smyth Yoga 10 minute biginners hip opener sequence

Dave Smyth Pranashaman leads you through a step by step beginner/ intermediate hip opening sequence. Start slow and build up, and before you know it you will have strong open hips. Enjoy. 

Dave Smyth 9 min beginner yoga core Sequence

A easy to follow core workout with Dave Smyth Pranashaman. If you are a complete beginner, start slow and build up. If you can only do one, it is a start. Good luck, stick with it and that strong flat tummy will be yours. Namaste 

Yinyasa flow

Yin Yoga in a flow,  a sequence put together by Dave Smyth to calm the mind and bring mind body into sink. the flow should feel like a deep inward meditation, with focus on the messages and information the body is telling you in any moment. Bringing you into the present moment, clearing mental, physical, and emotional blocks. Leaving you calm and energised and clear.

hints and tips the neti pot

How to use a Neti Pot. Cure for blocked nose. 

hints and tips oil steam cleanse

hints and tips by Bhoga yoga. Oil steam cleanse. Great for clearing your head. Cure for allergies, nasal problems, congestion 

Cold water therapy ballaglass march 2017

insight into cold water therapy with Sam Patmore