The Teacher of Teachers!

I have been going to Dave's classes for over four years. I always look forward to them because they are fun and I know that I will leave feeling super relaxed, calm and stronger- both in body and in mind. In Dave's classes there is always a great balance of instruction, care, support and humour!  At the end of last year I decided to take the big step and do my teacher training. I called Dave and right from that moment, he offered his total support. Throughout the online side of the training, where I was studying from home and attending his classes, Dave was like a rock!  I know that I could have called him at any time and he would have been there to help.  Whilst on the Teacher training in Costa Rica, Dave completely came into being as he guided us, supported us, sharing his knowledge and his own experience. For an intensive training course and journey of self-discovery Dave made it easy... He created a safe supportive space for us, always positive, always listening. He is compassionate and open, never judging, just encouraging us to be our true selves and to do our best. It was his faith in us that supported us all the way. I really feel that Dave blossoms in this environment... He is The Teacher of Teachers! We went to Costa Rica as individuals on a teacher training retreat and left as a family and a big part of this was because of Dave's ability to bring people together. I trust him completely, I am so grateful that I know him and so glad that he was such a big part of my yoga training! Dave, I thank you for everything, you are amazing!!

Lucy Monro


Paula Revelli, Seattle U.S.A

 I had the pleasure of encountering the powerful David Smyth in Costa Rica January 2018. I was there as a student for a 200 hour intensive training in the PranaShama yoga discipline. I knew immediately that I was going to love Dave. You can feel his soulful vibration instantaneously. I realized that I was in for some personal growth, however, I had no idea of the vulnerability and resistance that I would experience as we began this training. Through the expert guidance and loving demeanor of Dave I was able to come out on the other side of it with a new found love for Vinyasa and my yoga practice.
As we went through this 10 days together I was able to observe and appreciate the intuitive nature of Dave with each of the students. He was able to accentuate their strengths and fortify their sense of vulnerability. That is a unique individual that has such a capability. His sense of humor contrasting with his deep expressed emotions allows you the opportunity to experience yourself in a multitude of ways.
If you have the opportunity to take classes or a training from Dave, I highly recommend it. His expert guidance could lead you into a place of self exploration that allows you to discover a greater version of yourself. You and the world are worthy of you realizing your potential. Let Dave be a part of that journey.
Thank you Dave. I love you!

Paula Revelli


Ramsey Rugby U.F.C.

Yoga is not what most rugby players associate with helping improve rugby standards!

Normally as rugby players get older they get more and more injuries until eventually they have to retire. To ward off retirement some of our stubborn more mature players decided they would try some alternative exercises to aid them in recovery of injuries, their flexibility, and ultimately, allow them to carry on playing rugby. 

After having a number of private sessions with Dave and feeling the benefits that yoga gave them, Dave was persuaded to come down to Ramsey rugby club to provide a weekly session for all the players. These yoga sessions have helped massively to improve players flexibility, speed up recovery from injuries, improved fitness, and generally improve the players understanding of pain. 

Personally, Dave has worked miracles with my body, which has enabled me to still be playing at the ripe old age of 45!

Garry Vernon

Ramsey Rugby U.F.C.



My first retreat with Dave Smyth

There was a reason why my life was heading a curtain way, and now as I sit down to write this, I know the reason why "I was chosen" by the Dave Smyth Yoga Retreat in the Molino del rey.

But lets start at the beginning of the whole story. I was still looking for my first yoga retreat. I had seen so many offers on the internet, but I could not make a decision. Making decisions are a real problem for me, maybe it is because I am a Libra, hmmmm. Anyway, after my ex boyfriend left me I took it as a sign. I instantly wanted to book, like now and when I say now I mean right now. So I turned on my computer typed in a few key words which suddenly came to mind, and that was when I got my lottery win, Dave Smyth Yoga, Molino del rey. It did not take long to convince me this was the right retreat and teacher for me, so I booked it. Everything was really easy and before I knew it I was on a plane saying things to myself "will I fit in", " will I understand the instructions with German being my first language", "will I cope with doing all the yoga stuff" as I am not a professional yogi by any means. But also thoughts like "is it worth it", "will I get my own room", "are the beds going to be comfortable" and so on.......

Finally I arrived at the airport and was met by Dave, he took me and introduced me to the rest of the group and we made our way to the resort. I was reading as we travelled in the mini bus, while the others were chatting and laughing. I still had concerns about fitting in and really becoming part of the group.

As soon as we arrived at the resort I was astonished to find such an amazing unique special place.

Well I even had my own bathroom! Which was definitely unexpected, and the beds are so comfortable. It takes a while for you to discover the whole place, but I literally takes your breath away.

We had our first dinner, at this point I really have to mention the food. I don't know if there is an adjective to describe it, it was amazing. We had a short introduction about the week ahead, and apart from being really tired, I felt good.

So I went to bed, did not use the internet I just read a book. And guess what, I fell asleep in 10 minutes. This sounds normal. But not for me, usually it takes me about 2 hours to fall asleep and even then I wake up every couple of hours. But here I slept the whole night.

We did so many different things in the yoga classes going through the chakras, meditating, chanting, kriyas, Thai massage and so many more things. In every class Dave shared his Love, light, passion, and his smile. I Love the way of his teaching he has such a great humour and compassion.

One story I would like to share with you. It was the end of our first yoga class, Dave told everyone to give everyone else a hug. I was like hmmh I normally like hugging but hugging all these strange people :) from the Isle of Man. The last person to hug me was Dave and as he did he said "I Love you" and I responded without thinking "I Love you too". That's when my monkey mind started again. "What the hell did I just say" had I just told this old man (sorry Dave :) You know how I mean it) You don't even know him, well only for a few hours that's it........... To put it in a nutshell, my heart knew before I could even think about liking this guy, that I really Love him.

When I left Dave behind at the airport cos unfortunately I had to go back to Germany I could really feel his heart connection. It made me cry, but as soon as I did I remembered Dave saying to me after one of the classes "just cry and be happy"!

And he was right I was happy. Happy about meeting all of those guys on their life paths.

It was so much fun, we had so many perfect moments, we laughed A LOT!, shared our stories, we were all so happy. And guess what? I hugged every one of them every day :)

I truly mean it when I say "Everybody needs a Dave in their life" But as we obviously can't have him. We should at least get to know him by going to his retreats or classes.

Now it is 9 months later and my life has changed so much. I know I was so conscious of myself during that retreat. Which basically means I enjoyed every single minute of the week. When I close my eyes I can still feel it! Now I am so dedicated to my yoga practice. And now I am planning on taking my teacher training with Dave.

 As his Dad used to say, "I am following the river of life and not getting stuck again where I don't want to be"

I share Love and light and graze in life's pasture.

I can't wait to go on another retreat with Dave!

It's all about love,

Loving yourself and others,

Love is all you have so share it out and graze with the world,

Love yourself, because as soon as you meet Dave you will fall in Love with him anyway.


Jessica Schnuk


Dan Kneen

As a motorcycle racer its very important to look after my body, so whenever possible I'll be doing some sort of exercise.

I'd never thought about Yoga until I spoke with Dave and with him being a motorcycle racer too he really knew just how much it would benefit me, so I gave it a go. After a few weeks one to one I noticed a big improvement in my flexiblity and at the same time was becoming much stronger.

It definitely helps me on the bike as I feel a lot more comfortable and supple which helps me to move about more on the bike. Also I feel I have much more control over the bike with all the improved core strength.

Being a bike racer I've had a few crashes  and therefore had some major injuries. I broke some vertabrae during a accident in the Isle of man TT races and I've been stiff and in pain ever since, which had meant me not having the movement and control on the bike I needed. The Program of yoga and Thai Massage therapy from Dave, has without a doubt helped me and I could argue that I am better than before the crash!
Dave is now a full time part of my training program.
Working with Dave is easy, he tailors every session to your needs.


Chris Alldredge - Alabama U.S.A.

It's friday,

I have just ran my 1.5 miles. Did all my heavy upperbody exercises mixed in with ab work. I do my wing chung forms 1-3.....so I sit in lotus position alone. 20 other people are outside in the main gym area, but I got the private room alone....so I meditate. I hold the ashram beads Dashama gave me in my hands thinking of everything I can do to make Dave proud of me - to make Dashama proud of me. To do something with my life that cannot be purchased or paid for. I focus, sweat rolling off my brow onto my soaked shirt. 2 hours I have been at it and it's time to go home...but I need to do something first.

I go into downward dog....it's been a while. Then pigeon for 2 min each side so I can get my kicks up higher by stretching my waist/hips. Training for that high side kick. Then I think the impossible....a dream but I am awake, seeing Dave in Bali perfectly executing a perpendicular arm balance. And me needing help just to get up there. now, 35 lbs smaller...could I do it too? YES I CAN. I focus.....concentrate on the breath....lock my head and shoulders securely and step into crow....."Remember what you were taught" says Dave's voice in my head, and as if by themselves, my  legs begin walking up toward my head. 1 up. the next up, then down. MORE BALANCE! "concentrate"....then boom, I am in a perfect headstand. Absolutely straight up as I saw in the mirror, I switch to arm balanceing with no problem. Then I think to go even further. Can I possibly do a scorpion? no way.... I'm too slow, too old, blah blah....but I remember Dave getting it, and I think to myself....its a good thing I have kept up with my full wheels and back arches......I then proceeded to use the force parallel to the ground, just like Dave taught me.....to lift my legs over my head and arch my back....and held scorpion pose for 5 seconds before crashing down......I DID IT! I did something I am proud of. I did something that yogis do....really good ones. and I held it....all because of your teaching and faith in me 35 pounds ago....

Dave,.....you will always be my brother. I will always have your strength in my heart and your spirit with me. You were so close to me today I almost saw you. And I listen back to the final words Dave told me before I left..."You came here and it was us and you.....now it is us. You ARE a yogi man! And don't ever forget that!" Well I didnt forget. And I never will. Thank you for your continued support, really when you dont even have to....it helps more than you'll ever know. Thank You for staying with me.

 Namaste brother.

                                                   Chris Alldredge


Cathy Tsitsos


I first experienced Yoga nine months ago after deciding that I should do something to help me tone my body. Having always thought or judged Yoga to, well, be a bit soft, I soon realised the error of that judgement! 

At my first session when I tried to sit cross-legged opposite the teacher I began to appreciate how stiff and awkward I really was.  I had always had lower back pain and stiffness since my early twenties and had not realised how this had built up over the years and was slowly reducing my flexibility and movement, some twenty years later. 

Now, after having built up a consistent weekly Yoga practice I am able to achieve new and more difficult positions with an ease and a suppleness in my back that I previously had not known. 

I generally feel better and I am so much more aware of my posture and holding myself in a healthy and supportive manner. 

I notice the impact it has on the rest of my life, where I feel calmer, more confident, more content and enjoying more flexibility in my tennis game! 

My thanks and admiration are extended to my teacher, Dave Smyth, who with his humorous and compassionate nature has taught me how to extend the potential within my body and thus extend myself in many different areas of my life and on many different levels. 

In addition, I believe he has helped me save my body from further deterioration and enabled me to look forward to the years ahead with a strength in my body that now supports the strength and potential of the mind. 

Thank you sincerely Dave Smyth.

 Cathy Tsitsos, Ramsey


Conor Cummins

 I had a massive motorcycle racing accident in 2010 leaving me with big injuries which were, a broken back, dislocated lower leg severing all tendons and ligaments, four fractures to my humerous, a fractured pelvis and scapula not to mention a lot of tissue damage. 

I had to undergo exstensive surgery in order to fix me up. With this came a lengthy rehab period as I was somewhat immobile. This included 2 weekly physio sessions and daily hyperbaric chamber treatment. Although I was regaining some flexibility through this, I needed that extra little bit as I was working to a tight time schedule to get back racing. 

Dave Smyth approached me at a local motorcycle event and immediately offered his class services to help me speed up my recovery period. This entailed working closely with him in one to one sessions and relaxation massage.   

All this treatment has paid off. My accident happened in June 2010 and I was was back on the bike racing at a top level the following March. 

Dave's professional approach is what helps people engage his knowledge, which in turn helps them relax and carry out the exercises.

All this is good for the body.

Look what its done for mine!  

 Conor Cummins  


Richard Gerard

Towards the end of 2013 after competing in various long distance race walking events that year with limited success, I realised that I needed to change my approach in order to improve my performance and also increase my chances of staying fit and healthy, whilst covering a lot of mileage in training.

A friend recommended yoga and at first I was very skeptical as I didn't think it was for me, but agreed to give it a try. 

There was a range of levels and experience in the first class I attended, but I was immediately made to feel welcome by Dave in a relaxed environment and a really friendly group of people.

Training for races requires a considerable amount walking and running at a high intensity, which results in considerable impact on joints and muscles. 

Taking up yoga has helped keep me injury free, but the biggest improvement I have noticed is with my recovery time after races.

Following this year's Parish Walk and National 100 mile events I didn't experience the usual pain in my hips and knees that would normally last for a few days afterwards and instead I was back training a lot sooner. Yoga has also helped me improve my core strength, which is an area I had previously neglected. As someone who started out a cynic, I now really look forward to the practices each week and I would recommend Dave's yoga classes to any athletes, as something to complement more traditional training methods.


Rodney Burke Washington DC USA

Dave is one of the most intuitive yoga & mindful teachers I've come across.

 He has the uncanny ability to connect with the energy in the room and deliver a beautiful balance of direction, encouragement & strength that moves people to a higher vibration. 

I first came across Dave in Bali where he was supporting Dashama in an amazing Pranashama teacher training retreat. His hands-on knowledge of the body, yoga, balance and insight into the challenges present by the mind fostered such a rich experience.

It's here that I first saw his gift to unite groups of people into family and model a rare deep love for humanity with an approachable style that leaves people feeling that they too have what it takes.

In the years ahead, I see Dave Smyth's light expanding to impact even more people in a beautiful, power & collaborative way.


Leanne Harper

Dave Smyth Yoga - Where do I start. 

For many years Dave supported my late Partner Dan Kneen. From rehabilitation from road racing accidents to building him up to be much stronger and fitter for performing in his career. The yoga really helped Dan focus in his mindset and also in the body. Dan had a lot of respect for Dave and valued his support.

When we lost Dan at the TT 2018 my world shattered. Not sure how to breathe or get up the next day. Dave came to support me as he supported Dan. He helped me realise that I can get up and keep going. We used Sports massage, Thai Massage and one to one therapy sessions every Friday. I felt if I went longer than seven days I really struggled without his support.

We used yoga to help me with my emotions and making it ok to do so. I have never felt I could let my emotions out and I found being in Dave's space was my safe place.

I slowly started on my yoga practice in my one to ones and found it was very helpful not only for my emotions but also for my breathing as I have Cystic Fibrosis. We did different types of breathe work and also worked on opening my chest muscles. It’s been a huge help in my treatment.

After 8 months of one to one I finally found myself at Dave's regular classes on a Tuesday and Thursday in Douglas where Dan went to each week also. I had huge support from the class as I was obviously still emotional.

I have just come back from Dave’s Yoga Retreat in the Molino Del Ray Spain. This experience has helped me grow so much.

Dave's classes were again out of this world no class was ever the same. The meditations in the caves were beautiful.

He taught us Thai Massage in the workshops. We did the most amazing Yin Class which we all fell asleep in each pose and felt like we floated out of class at the end.

Dave taught us how to express our feelings to one another and which was a great support to know you had the group to help.

We had a Day trip in Ronda and visited the National Park areas on the way with Dave driving us. We swung from rope trees like there wasn’t a care in the world.

We had the most amazing group of people and I feel they have all made me a little stronger.

Thanks Dave Namaste ❤️


Lynda Harper Reid

What can I say regarding the Yoga retreat?  It was, without doubt, an enlightening experience and has definitely changed my life for the better.  Dave helps you not only to believe in your capabilities but to also open up your heart to all possibilities.  Each class was different - we laughed, we cried and I loved it. The yoga dance from Aga was great fun and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.  The food was absolutely amazing so tasty and so plentiful too. I would thoroughly recommend this retreat - it really can change the way you think and do things xx you also get to meet some pretty wonderful people to xx Namaste